About Bengali Cuisine

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Bongo’s brings you the pristine culinary offerings of the Bengal region of South Asia that encompasses Bangladesh and a part of India, the West Bengal. Here you will enjoy an ensemble of delicacies where some have been shaped by the regions culture, geography, history, trade links and some that are native and preserved over a 1000 years.

Steamed rice or Saffron rice (Polao) and a wide range of veg or non-veg curries comprise a main course of a meal. All dishes that you will enjoy here exhibit strong aromatic flavors of fresh and delicate mix of authentic Bengali spices – red chili, turmeric, dhaniya, jeera, daruchini, ginger, posto dana, fennel seed, mustard seed, joyotri, jaifol, aloo bukhara, ghee – to name a few and prepared with time honored recipes and culinary processes and are mostly void of flavor neutralizers like yogurt, cheese or milk.

The Bengal region takes pride on her desserts – known as mishti. Moiras, the Bengal mishti makers, are the pioneers of making and inventing a variety of sweets that are extremely popular beyond the region. ¬†Bongo’s has a collection of these desserts for you to indulge in that are prepared with the same process and skill that the Moiras are following for centuries.